HOLZ-HER apprentices win "Industry 4.0 Challenge"

28 apprentices from seven industrial locations demonstrated how well they can handle digitization in practical applications on the 13th and 14th of November in Graz. HOLZ-HER won first place.

The "Industry 4.0 Challenge" competition, held for the first time last year, was a complete success. 28 industrial apprentices from seven plants completed practical assignments to demonstrate what they had learned during their training. Teams of four completed various assignments over a period of two days. The results of all teams were compiled to form a digital factory. Naturally there was also a winner: The HOLZ-HER team from Voitsberg. This graphically demonstrates how much stock the metal-working company places in training its apprentices. The Professional Association of the Metal-Working Industry cordially congratulates the winners!

  • © FOTOCREDIT: DIE INDUSTRIE | Article: WKO Steiermark