Invisible Joint with Laser Edging

LUMINA with LTronic - the perfect invisible joint with laser edging

LTRONIC -  Your perfect invisible joint with laser edging

Co-extruded and subsequently coated "Laser Edging" can be processed with Ltronic. The NIR module in our LTRONIC unit can transfer heat energy quickly and precisely to the exact point where it is required, making it ideal for the activation of function layers on laser edging.

  • Visually perfect results – tone in tone with invisible joints.
  • No heat-up time
  • Noiseless processing
  • No cleaning work
  • Pioneer in terms of energy efficiency.
  • Completely clean postprocessing


Your advantages when using the NIR module in the LTRONIC

 Immediate availability

  • No non-productive heat-up times whatsoever Immediate availability at the touch of a button.

Noiseless processing

  • LTRONIC operates without any noise emissions whatsoever and without the use of compressed air.

High-tech cooling using CNC technology

  • The NIR module (Near Infrared Radiation) is kept at a uniform temperature by its liquid cooling system allowing continuous production without pauses for cooling.

High energy efficiency

  • The wave length of our NIR module is very close to the intensity of the diode laser allowing it to optimize its energy with the utmost precision over the entire length of the workpiece. No energy is lost during set-up times.