Matched to your requirements with changeover stations for perfect edging

In addition to optimized adaptation of panel and edging decor, the quality of the edging plays an immensely important role for furniture construction and interior fittings. On the one hand, the edging has to hold permanently, on the other, the joint should not be visible (the renowned “invisible joint”).

With HOLZ-HER, you can always offer your customers absolutely precise edgebanding. If desired also with waterproof and heat-resistant PUR glue.

Choose between processing laser edging or use of EVA or PUR glues; no problem with the changeover stations from HOLZ-HER. With our edgebanders, you always have convincing technology at your fingertips.

On the LUMINA series, users can change over from the LTRONIC to the Glu Jet unit as required within minutes using the high precision HSK interface from our CNC technology. The LUMINA offers a unique combination for panel processing: Two systems for perfect invisible joints.

LTRONIC – perfectly invisible joints with laser edging Co-extruded and subsequently coated laser edging can be processed with LTRONIC.

  • Visually perfect results – tone in tone with invisible joints.
  • No heat-up time.
  • Noiseless processing.
  • No cleaning work.

Glu Jet – waterproof invisible joints with Thin Film Technology: With the Glu Jet system you can always process waterproof PUR glue on a standard basis.

  • No additional glue basin.
  • No expensive nitrogen tanks.
  • High strength joints for extremely long service life.
  • Resistant to heat and water, providing quality advantages in all areas of cabinetmaking