Streamer 1057XL power: Heading into the Future with Sharp Edges

An operator's relief thanks to axis-controlled units!

• Convert in seconds with axis-controlled units. With its axis-controlled technology, it can convert in no time, accelerating and optimizing the production process. Furthermore, the easy operation ensures that even inexperienced operators quickly become familiar with the machine.

• Simple operation combined with axis-controlled technology. The Streamer 1057XL power provides the ideal solution for small and medium-sized businesses.

• The proven adhesive application system, GluJet, ensures the familiar HOLZ-HER efficiency, and the automatic flushing process makes changing the adhesive a breeze.

• Adhesive library integrated directly into the machine control. Simply switch between different types of adhesives with the push of a button. All necessary adjustment parameters, such as the correct temperature or adhesive quantity, are automatically set, allowing the operator to quickly and easily change the type of adhesive without having to perform complex manual adjustments.